Criminal Cases

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In India Criminal Statutes governs crimes, which includes felonies and misdemeanors. Offences committed against the State is considered as Crimes. To prove the crime, it must be proved beyond reasonable doubt. Indian criminal laws are divided in the three major statues as follows;

  1. Indian Penal Code (I.P.C.).
  2. Criminal Procedure Code (Cr.P.C.).
  3. Indian Evidence Act.

There are several other laws wherein the punishment have been imposed such as NDPS Act. Prevention of Corruption Act, Food & Adulteration Act, Dowry Prevention Act and thousands of minor laws also subsists in India.

Indian Penal Code is statues defining the crime & punishment for the same. Criminal Procedure Code describes the process through which the criminal laws are enforced and Indian Evidence Act is used for proving the case and the procedure to collect the evidence and produce the same before the court of law.

For instance, the law prohibit Murder and the same is punishable, hence it is substantive criminal law and the manner in which government enforce this law by gathering of evidence is generally considered a procedural matter.

First Information Report (FIR):

The First Information Report is recorded by Police officer in duty given directly by the aggrieved person i.e. informant/complainant or any other person to the commission of an alleged offence. FIR consists of Name of Informant, Place of Incident, Date of Incident and several other information alongwith the statement of the informant and valuing the statement of the informant the sections of IPC are Imposed. When the offences are non-cognizable Police officer registered N.C. Complaint.

After registration of FIR, the alleged accused are arrested by the Police and kept in Police Custody for Interrogation. There is compulsion on Police officers to produce the arrested accused to the nearest court within 24 hours of arrest failing which the said arrest will be considered as illegal detention.    

Once the accused is produced before the Hon’ble court, the court decides whether to keep the accused in Police Custody for further Investigation in Non-bailable offences and if the offence is bailable the court will release the alleged accused upon certain terms and conditions on Bail.

Bailable & Non-bailable offences are decided as per Indian Penal Code and the procedure of Bail is covered in the Criminal Procedures. As per the limitations mentioned in statues Police files the Final Report i.e. Chargesheet and thereafter Trial is conducted by the court and court decides that the alleged accused should be acquitted or convicted. 

What ‘Indian Legal Helps’ do in regards to Criminal Cases?

Today, as India being rich in heritage and historical country having maximum population between 25-30 years of age makes the India one of the youngest and biggest consumer market in the world and since last few years due to smooth policies of the government, India has become the hotspot for different purposes like Business startup, Investment, Study, Medical, Tourism etc. and this attracts the foreigners to visit India.

The major issue for the Foreign Nationals, NRI or OCI travellers is that they are not aware with different major or minor laws of India and amendment done time to time and due to which several time they get stuck and loose their valuable time & money and have to undergo with different type of tortures and harassments with due to criminal laws or taxation laws or several other laws due to which a travelling becomes nightmare.  

Indian Legal Help is a consultation & service providing company initiated by one of the very well-known Law firm in India in order to cope up with the aforesaid problems and to help the Foreign Nationals, NRI & OCI Card holders to travel India hassle free.


What Travellers have to do?

Travellers have to registered themselves with the Indian Legal Helps prior starting their visit in India or during their visit in order to have team of experience attorneys/Lawyers available for them 24 x 7 for online support to guide them with DOs & DONTs and several other information.

If in case any illegality/crime committed by unknowingly or knowingly the team of ILH will be available personally for their help with the court procedures or any other legal support across the country.


Note: The services apart from online such as personal presence, court appearance & expenses, police station etc. visit will be bear by the Members.

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