Free Legal Format

Download Free Legal Formats as we’ve listed some of the online Indian law paperwork and various other formats. The formats provide extensive contents, it is always better to take expert offerings for Jurisdiction documentation in India.

• These are sample format/Draft of different Agreements, Bond, Contract, Affidavit & Suit. For the actual drafting and/or customs designed & precise inputs you can touch us for online drafting based upon your inputs.
• The Agreements/Bonds/Contracts etc. are required to be typed on Stamp Paper of appropriate value as per provisions of the state government and mandatorily required to be executed by the parties entering in same and duly signed at the appropriate places with proof of identity mentioned on the format and duly Affirmed or Notarized by appropriate officers.
• Draft of Suits is a sample to give an idea to our customers as to how the suits are drafted.
• These drafts can be copied free and modified for contingent and urgent requirements.

Free Legal Formats List

A,B,C,D – (Agreement, Bond, Contracts, Complaints, Deed etc.)

E,F,G,H – (Hire Purchase Agreement, )

I,J,K,L – (Indemnity Bond, Lease Deed)

M,N,O,P – (Money Bond, Negotiable Instrument Act, Promissory Note etc.)

Q,R,S,T – (Suit etc. Sale Deed)